Ridge is back, but is all right with the world of Bold & Beautiful?

Ridge Forrester is back!RIDGE is back. After months and months of waiting, speculating, and wondering, fans were finally rewarded in December with the return of their beloved character to the B&B universe. But is Ridge 2.0 going to fit seamlessly back onto the B&B canvas? Or has a little bit of the magic gone, forever lost when Ronn Moss and his square jaw quit the scene?


Who Killed My Supercouple?

Ahh, the soap opera supercouple – beautiful girl meets dashing boy in the strangest of circumstances. Perhaps she’s a stripper in a bar, or maybe he’s a mob boss. Or possibly, he’s a criminal and she’s his assault victim. However it starts, the formula is always the same: girl and boy fall in love, girl and boy are wrenched apart, girl and boy fight to reunite.

(First published in Soap World, November 2012)


General Hospital writers – THAT’S how you write a soap opera!

Sonny and Kate's wedding was a series of bombshells!General Hospital is in the best form of its 50-year history. That’s a big call. Think about it for a second. I’m saying the show is better today than during the Luke and Laura years, during the Anna, Robert, Duke years, during Felicia and Frisco years, the Bobbi and Carly (Sarah Brown) years. It’s true! The writers are on fire! We are seeing the best plots and the best drama, the most explosive cliffhangers of all time! The Sonny and Kate wedding episodes, with Liz’s confessions to Jason and Sam, the kidnapped Kristina, along with the Kate/Connie revelation at the altar and Sam’s baby *finally* discovered to be alive, not to mention crazy Heather Webber running around – OH. MY. GOD! Mind = blown!


There’s nothing Bold or Beautiful in this storyline!

Hope, Liam and Steffy - yawn!OK, I can’t take it anymore. I just have to come out and say it. The current HopeLiamSteffy love triangle going on over at The Bold and the Beautiful is getting tired and OLD! As a matter of fact, it was tired and old the second it was birthed. There are a number of problems with this plot and as far as I can see, only one fix.


The ultimate list of soap star Twitter, Facebook and website contacts

Want to find your favourite daytime soap opera star online? Looking to talk directly to your favourite actor? This is the ultimate list of soap star Twitter handles, Facebook pages and website contacts! I’ve compiled a list of actors’ online addresses to make it easier to get in touch with your favourite actor or actress! You’re welcome! More

Luke and Laura 101 – In the beginning

Luke and Laura on the runLuke Spencer and Laura Webber were the supercouple to reign over them all. They were a dashing, adventurous couple with captivating chemistry. He was an older, shady character from the wrong side of the tracks and she was young and naive, just 17. But the beginning of their romance was anything but textbook.


We’re having a gay old time in soap world

Luke and Noah kiss, As The World Turns, 2007Days Of Our Lives and The Bold and the Beautiful are both adding the first gay and lesbian storylines in their shows’ long history. It’s been five years since that heart-stopping kiss between Luke and Noah on As The World Turns, when soap opera fans were treated to daytime television’s first gay kiss. While ratings rose steadily for ATWT, controversy also followed, with dramatic fan reactions and grass-roots compaigns – both on the pro and anti side of the ledger. Five years on, is the genre – and its audience – ready to welcome some lesbian lip-locking and boy smooching, or will we once again tiptoe through the two lips and pretend the characters are just good friends? More

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